A Powerful & uniHQ Eco-System

HQ UK don’t do simple. Our vision is to build a powerful eco-system to generate an environment where businesses we invest in are free to flourish and thrive. Our eco-system cannot be easily replicated creating something truly uniHQ.

A one-stop shop for everything a business could ever need in terms of support is the basis for our eco-system, from a one-time transaction e.g. a logo design to a repeated process such as call answering or monthly accounting requirements.

There is no need to leave the eco-system, it provides any investment with everything it needs to succeed including access to space and advice, taking care of anything that causes a distraction and instead points to clear direction, allowing full focus on the core purpose for any business. Making the business happen.

How will we achieve Our vision?

To build such an eco-system is no easy feat, with a variety of complex problems and intricacies to solve and things to consider. It takes a whole lot of time and investment too, we have been investing and building for a number of years. As a pre-revenue, our fundamental value is in the infrastructure, platform, network, support and expertise we have built/building through our property, processes and people across multiple continents.


Let’s put into context..


The Burj Khalifa wasn't built in a day

Let’s take the well-known Dubai landmark, the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building), as a comparative example. How many years did it take to construct such a grand feat of engineering? How many years before that, did it take to expertly plan and get approval? How many years before that, was the vision born, an idea that eventually turned into what it is today?

During these years, what decisions had to be made to ensure planning and building approval, delivery partners, tradespeople, project managers and every last nut and bolt came together to create such a masterpiece?  Once built, commercialisation, retail, offices, hotels, apartments, restaurants were orchestrated seamlessly. You can see it takes time, the Burj Khalifa wasn’t built in a day.

Pulling together


Building an effective eco-system is no different.

We have grown the platform; through The BizMill, created the space through HQ Hubs and brought together the expertise of 250+ interim directors under the guise of our own businesses. The concept is the same. An idea to build a skyscraper. An idea to build an eco-system. An idea to business. We know what it takes and we’re ready.

We’re not quite a unicorn, but that is where we are headed. A truly uniHQ eco-system to propel businesses forward, creating successful ventures together. Get in touch today to see how HQ UK can help take your business or investment to the next level, harnessing the power of the platform, we are so proud to provide.

Our Platform is provided by BizMill, which powers all our investments. The BizMill brings together support services with offices based on and off shore as well as expertise of 250+ Interim Directors making this the largest collection of experts you’ve probably never heard of with the full support of back-office functions.

Therefore, not only can the BizMill provide resources under one roof but it takes action, implementing processes built using modular construction creating an effective business factory production line where divisions work seamlessly together to generate efficiencies – saving time, effort and money.

There is no re-invention of the wheel; the process, expertise and space turn the traditional incubator model into something truly unique, turning ideas to business time and time again. This eco system and platform enables the investments to be highly curated and improve the chance of success, whether it’s just a start-up, growing or scaling.

Our expertise

HQ UK benefit from experienced strategists.

HQ UK benefit from internal and external consultants/directors.

A range of investments

Sometimes, no matter what you try and do, things just don’t work out how you want them to.

We are no different from any other business

But, having a diverse portfolio means


We don’t have all our eggs in one basket.


We enjoy great opportunities for synergies between investments.


Each egg supports at least another egg and vice versa


UK based architectural services

Specialist Technical Drawing Company

UK based consultants skilled in business improvement, efficiencies, grants, services and exit strategies

Provision of Part Time/Interim FDs

Online portal service for logging and tracking of admin work

UK accountancy, payroll and bookkeeping network

UK Hair and Beauty service industry for freelancers and salon owners, incorporating online bookings, reminders, payments, auto-accounting and more

UK based, independent cost management company

Accounting for small to medium businesses including CRM, booking, stock and additional functionality

Integrated telephony with CRM plus accounting, for medium and enterprise businesses

Remote IT support, telecoms, DRP, Business Continuity and telco licence resellers

Phone and web presence plus business software with service support and licence opportunities

Enterprise level retail software and solutions

 Support for Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs), providing them with the capability to run their business online including bookings and accounting




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