What is HQ UK?

HQ UK invests in startups and existing businesses, helping them to grow or scale.

We can help speed up the time it takes for a business to reach its milestones or help it attract more clients.

HQ UK is essentially a seed funder, providing an initial investment to get a business off the ground. The amounts invested typically range between £100k-£250K, backed by Angel Investors experienced in identifying micro businesses capable of growing or scaling.

Ourselves, as a pre-startup private investment company, we’re not quite a unicorn, but maybe one day! So, we’re not also looking for unicorns or tech businesses, we look for what might be considered, mundane, normal, everyday business. For example, something that has already been done before but just requires a helping hand or a fresh look. A business with potential that could benefit from the eco system that we have created or could be supported by the platform we have.

HQ UK has at its disposal, five offshore centres, employing hundreds of support staff. We have specifically set up what could be termed as ‘Business Factories’ with HQ TSZ and Idea to Business Factory.

In order to achieve appropriate returns, HQ UK has also invested in various UK support and professional support businesses, IntoSums Accounting, Techs 4 Tech, Admin Hotline, The DM Hub, iTegrate and OS consultants. These partner companies also employ hundreds of staff.

The eco system and the platform created enables the investments to be highly curated and improve the chance of success, whether it’s just a start-up, growing or scaling.

What happens when we invest?


HQ UK attach an entrepreneur’s idea or strategy to an existing entity

  • Together, we formulate a way to implement
  • We create a distinct New Business Area (NBA) or Joint Venture (JV)
  • The existing business grows and expands on the back of the NBA

We work out the best way to present and portray the NBA


Documenting and creating the systems and processes that are involved

  • Our aim is to utilise existing infrastructure inside and outside the business
  • Minimising risk
  • Increasing speed of implementation

When you have a template for success, what is the point of starting from scratch every time?

Important investment criteria

Companies we invest in need to display they know what they are doing in their field.

There should already be an existing or working solution in place – allowing room for modification, extension or utilisation in a new way.

Our expertise

HQ UK benefit from experienced strategists.

HQ UK benefit from internal and external consultants/directors.

Pulling together


Look what we can do;

  • Content and documentation creation
  • Software providers
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Business support services
  • Flexible resource to allow for scaling and growing
  • Access to a class leading communications company
  • Access to a cost reduction company

We utilise all of these as part of our investment to support and create new opportunities with investments

A range of investments

Sometimes, no matter what you try and do, things just don’t work out how you want them to.

We are no different from any other business

But, having a diverse portfolio means


we don’t have all our eggs in one basket.


we enjoy great opportunities for synergies between investments.


Each egg supports at least another egg and vice versa


UK based architectural services

Specialist Technical Drawing Company

UK based consultants skilled in business improvement, efficiencies, grants, services and exit strategies

Provision of Part Time/Interim FDs

Online portal service for logging and tracking of admin work

UK accountancy, payroll and bookkeeping network

UK Hair and Beauty service industry for freelancers and salon owners, incorporating online bookings, reminders, payments, auto-accounting and more

UK based, independent cost management company

Accounting for small to medium businesses including CRM, booking, stock and additional functionality

Integrated telephony with CRM plus accounting, for medium and enterprise businesses

Remote IT support, telecoms, DRP, Business Continuity and telco licence resellers

Phone and web presence plus business software with service support and licence opportunities

Enterprise level retail software and solutions

 Support for Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs), providing them with the capability to run their business online including bookings and accounting



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