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What is HQ UK?

HQ UK invests in startup and existing businesses, helping them to grow or scale.

We can help speed up the time it takes for a business to reach its milestones, or help it attract more clients or investment.

What happens when we invest?

  • HQ UK attach an idea or strategy to an existing entity
    • Together, we formulate a way to implement
    • It becomes a distinct New Business Area (NBA) or Joint Venture (JV)
    • The existing business grows and expands on the back of the NBA
  • We work out the best way to present and portray the NBA
  • Documenting and creating the systems and processes that are involved
    • Our aim is to utilise existing infrastructure inside and outside the business
    • Minimising risk
    • Increasing speed of implementation

Important investment criteria

Companies we invest in need to display they know what they are doing in their field.

There should already be an existing or working solution in place – allowing room for modification, extension or utilisation in a new way.

Our expertise

HQ UK benefit from experienced strategists, either internal or external consultants.

HQ UK’s people understand and create systems and processes.

Pulling together

  • HQ UK
    • create content and documentation
    • own a software house
    • own bookkeeping software
    • own a support services business
    • our offshore centre for resource allows us to scale up or have resources on tap to grow our business.
    • have teamed up with a communications company
    • have a cost reduction company
  • We utilise all of these as part of our investment to support and create new opportunities with investments

A range of investments

Sometimes, no matter what we try and do, things just don’t work out how we want them to.

  • Having a diverse portfolio means

– we don’t have our eggs all in one basket.

– we get great opportunities for synergies between investments.

Some investments, past and present.

  • Specialist Technical Drawing Company
  • Provision of Part Time/Interim FDs 
  • UK accountancy, payroll and bookkeeping network
  • UK Hair and Beauty service industry for freelancers and salon owners,  incorporating online bookings, reminders, payments, auto-accounting and more
  • Support for Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs), providing them with the capability to run their business online including bookings and accounting
  • UK based, independent cost management company
  • Accounting for small to medium businesses including CRM, booking, stock and additional functionality
  • Integrated telephony with CRM plus accounting, for medium and enterprise businesses
  • Online portal service for logging and tracking of admin work
  • Remote IT support, telecoms, DRP, Business Continuity and telco licence resellers
  • Phone and web presence plus business software with service support and licence opportunities
  • UK based architectural services
  • Enterprise level retail software and solutions
  • UK based consultants skilled in business improvement, efficiencies, grants, services and exit strategies
  • Network and suppliers of inspectors, repairers, installers for doors and windows

    Get in touch to find out more about our investments.

    Our current portfolio

    • The following examples from our current portfolio are a mix of working businesses, start-up and pre-start-ups.
    • Get in touch to find out more about our investments.

    HQ Developers Contractors

    HQ DC is a residential and commercial contractor and developer working with partners in construction across the UK. HQDC.uk

    TSZ Hubs

    The Support Zone (Hubs) support businesses locally, nationally and internationally, both SMEs and Major Corporations. TSZHubs.co.uk

    HQ Hubs

    General Admin Support


    HQ The Support Zone

    Providing professional support and services. www.HQTSZ.uk

    The Support Zone

    Online Portal for work logging and tracking. thesupport.zone

    Vision To Design

    Our Group of Technical Drawing & Architect Services. VisionToDesign.com

    BCDS Services

    General Admin Support


    Fitwell 4 Life

    Fitwell 4 Life groups together brands, services and products with a focus towards lifestyle and wellness.


    Nutritionists 4U


    Hair & Beauty 4U

    LOCAL HAIR & BEAUTY. HairAndBeauty4u.com

    Boost Box 4U

    SUPPLEMENTS JUST 4U. www.BoostBox4U.com

    Retail / Buying

    The Buyers Assistant

    The Buyers Assistant for Professional Buyers; Including Android and iPhone apps. TheBuyersAssistant.com

    The Digital Retailer

    Flexible And Powerful Enterprise Software Designed For Retail Chains. TheDigitalRetailer.com

    JJ Tech

    Tech team creating and supporting retail software solutions. www.JJTechnology.co.uk

    OTS Hospitality

    Joined-up solutions for the Hospitality Sector. ots-hospitality.com

    OTS Restaurant

    Joined-up Restaurant Solutions with OTS www.ots-restaurant.com

    OTS Takeaway

    Joined-up Takeaway Solutions with OTS. www.ots-takeaway.com

    Consulting Support Services



    Business Guru Network

    Linking and supporting Business Gurus to Businesses


    OS Consultants

    Help to set up a dedicated offshore support offices. OSConsultants.co.uk

    247-365 Services

    Offering cost effective support solutions for small to large businesses. 247-365.biz

    HQ UK Estates


    HQ UK Investments

    Tailored Property Solutions for Investors and Landlords. www.HQUKInvestments.uk

    The CPD Zone

    CPD Provision. With you in control. TheCPDZone.co.uk

    Event Peach

    Fresh and Energetic Corporate Event Management. EventPeach.co.uk

    The Manufacturer Showcase

    Supporting UK Manufacturing and Local Businesses. TheManufacturerShowcase.co.uk


    Fire door inspection, maintenance, repair and supply services. i-Doors.co.uk

    We Just Do IT

    Network of local IT professionals. WeJustDo.IT

    Skip Wiz

    Providing skips at an affordable price. www.SkipWiz.com

    Rosie Chambers


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